Deutsches Telemedizin Zentrum e.V.

The "Deutsches Telemedizin Zentrum e.V." - which is german for "German Telemedicine Center" - is a non-profit association and is committed to establish telemedicine. In this context the association supports the realization of telemedicine applications. For the purpose of medical professional qualification we offer acknowledged education and professional development courses.

Telemedicine is a compound word of “Tele” meaning long-distance-transfer and “medicine”. Long-distance contacts are possible comparable to making telephone-calls. Using Telematic it is possible to transfer other information like data and pictures and not only the voice.

The development shows that telemedicine is more and more on the rise. It will be similar to all other innovations that reflect an improvement, support or a relief for ourselves as human beings. Telemedical applications like TeleTherapy, TeleMonitoring and TeleCoaching will continuously expand according to the wide range of use in young and elderly people as well as for the area of Ambient Assisted Living. Already today Telemedicine represents an integral part in primary health care.

Telemedicine plays an important role to bring health to patients´ home in a cost-effective way. If you are interested in more information please do not hesitate to contact us by phone +49 911 328029.

In March 2013 an important meeting took place in cooperation with the chair of health management at the Friedrich-Alexander-University Erlangen/Nuremberg. Many key opinion leaders of the health care sector participated in this conference. Please find details of the conference under the following link: Events

What does telemedicine mean?

See a short video clip about telemedicine:

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